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Monday, April 2, 2012

Not yet 100% landed

my mascot - care to name him/her?

After umpteen hours and three sleeping pills and a decent night's sleep in my own bed I find myself sitting at my old computer desk in my son's old room, now my den, with my little mascot watching over me, wondering as usual after more than 12 hours (give or take) at 35,000 feet, the usual awful survival food, a movie (Meryl Streep was in top form as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady), the first pill and a couple hours' sleep, more crappy food, a 6+ hour layover at Incheon with a free shower, another pill and three hours' sleep on a bench and two planes, where the hell I am. [Did you manage not to get lost in that sentence?] 

The surroundings are familiar yet somehow not. In a previous post I introduced the concept of a rubber band that connects the body with whatever it is that we perceive the world around us—spirit, soul, vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner? Road buddy's in cleaning-up-the-house mode apparently having no problem keeping body and soul together. Maybe instead of a rubber band she is held together with some less elastic, firmer stuff, female feet on the ground, less male head in the clouds. Aha, that's it, feet on the ground versus head in the clouds, or, at 35,000 feet above the clouds, where the sun always shines. While I'm wondering where my head is at, she's vacuuming the floors. Practicality. TGFI--in someone else.

Airbus A-380 at Incheon
At Incheon airport (Seoul, South Korea) yesterday I saw the big new A-380 from Airbus—leaving the Boeing 747-400 behind as the biggest flying contraption in the world. The whole body of the aircraft is double deck, whereas only the forward part of the 747 is. It never ceases to amaze me how these big babies ever get off the ground—but, by god, they do. More later, gotta reconnect the battery on the car and see if it will start—places to go, things to do, people to meet—spirit still somewhere over the steppes of Russia or not. 

The rubber band slowly contracts. I should be my complete self in a day or two. Right now I'm just running on autopilot—Prague a fond memory, going around like a phantom in this not quite familiar place I call home. But at least we got the plants back from the nursery (albeit with several brown tinged leaves on the coffee tree) and the house is beginning to look more familiar.

looking a little more like home with the plants back
A martini should help.....

Nope, just makes me sleepy.

By the way, the car started right up. 


Anonymous said...

welcome home….yes, rubber band effect…took me nearly 2 weeks. Plants go to 'the nursery'?? Hmmmmm…what is that big blanket in he middle of the rug? Love seeing where you iive.


Noilly Prattle said...

I don't think it'll take me that long, but I still wake up in the wee hours and have to read a while to get sleepy again. We put the houseplants in a nursery (for plants)so they won't die for lack of water. That is a kotatsu cover for winter. You sit on the floor with your fee under it. There is a heating element under the table top that keeps you warm as toast. One of the two best Japanese inventions. The other is a deep bath that you can soak your whole body in.

Anonymous said...

oh…my life for a deep bath…

Noilly Prattle said...

ah, but then what would you put in it?

Anonymous said...

my soul