Noilly Prattle: mj

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Amsterdam coffeehouse
By any other name: weed, pot, grass, dope, ganja, shit, it is a prohibited substance. Not everywhere. It is legal in some places, like coffeehouses in Amsterdam and decriminalized in others or given a nod and a wink like in Prague. Still the debate over legalizing it in the US of A seems to go on and on and so many other debates there. Pointless really, since neither side of the argument is ever likely to be accepted by the other and the offensive or desirable behavior is going to continue anyway one way or the other.

I came across a couple of takes on the issue of legalizing mj, one serious and one comical. Personally I would take the laissez faire position of decriminalizing personal use and possession for many of the reasons expressed in these two linked articles, one of which is a video.  

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