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Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm shocked, shocked....

Sex and another city

Another tempest in a teapot—oh no!--carousing in Cartagena.

Gee, I didn't know there were strip joints and whore houses in Cartagena. Even so, the altar boys who make up the President's entourage should be in church lighting candles rather than drinking themselves stupefied and bedding prostitutes, no? Oh, so sorry, didn't know they were working girls.

NOT This
Bacchus, Greek god of wine...
and other things
The disingenuousness and hypocrisy of the media accounts of this latest episode of “misconduct” by our “finest” exemplars of boy scout ethics and morals is nothing if not laughable. Of course no bedsheet will be left unturned, sniffed, pooper scooped, put under a microscope in getting to the bottom (pun intended) of this outrage to the moral fiber of our virtuous boys-will-be-boys on the government payroll—or were they romping incognito?

Maybe these international summits should be held in the Vatican (they could make a few extra Euros renting out the Sistine Chapel with the stern eye of God discouraging any hanky panky) where there is less temptation by the devil, and any women in sight are wearing black habits and white whiffles.

Not a bottle of Red Eye or a stiffie in sight.

Manly virtue guaranteed

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Anonymous said...

lol…lest we not forget 'our' Puritan roots.