Noilly Prattle: golden town -- Prague by night

Friday, February 1, 2013

golden town -- Prague by night

     Just a few photographic impressions walking through town to go out to dinner. 

     The lasting impression you get of Prague at night is the golden aura that seems to permeate the old city. It is achieved by the simplest of techniques, yellow light bulbs in the street lamps that mimic the old gas lights of the 19th Century (the photos do not capture them well). Not a harsh blue-white fluorescent light in sight. 

Naprstkova - our street in Old Town
Moldau River and eastern end of Karlovy Most (Bridge)
Smetanovo Street along the Moldau
western end tower of Karlovy Most - Prague Castle in background
Rudolfinum - Czech Philharmonic concert hall
Prague Castle

eastern end tower of Karlovy Most
arch in eastern tower with beggar in lower right
night club to the right of the east tower arch

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Obviously you've got a good eye...and a vision. - Michelle