Noilly Prattle: Get thee to a nunnery

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Get thee to a nunnery

 our apartment -
2nd floor of yellow building in center
     So, taking Hamlet's advice to Ophelia, we got us to a nunnery. Our new apartment in Prague is, literally, in an old convent, or, if you prefer, a nunnery.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof
     Yesterday, we bade Berlin a fond fare thee well, took a train from Berlin Hauptbahnhof (central station) to Prague Hlavni Nadrazi (central station) and were met by our new landlord, Mirek, in front of the Burger King in the station...and he drove us to the nunnery. Appropriately, it is located near Bethlehem Square.

gate to the former cloister
      After settling in we went out for a bite to eat and some basic shopping to launch our two-month stay here in our beloved Prague. After Berlin, it seems like Alice has fallen through the looking glass and landed in Neverland...or, am I mixing up my stories? Hmmm. Anyway, we took a walk to the Moldau River, only a few steps from the nunnery, and the soft haze from the low clouds make it look, in fact, like wonderland—the paving stones all wet and misty and shining and Mala Strana, across the river, looking vaguely ghostlike and full of nostalgia. It seems like coming home after a year's absence, this town is so simpatico.


door on left is our apartment entrance

interior of our apartment

settling in 

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