Noilly Prattle: Second Hunt—looking for a good doohickey

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Second Hunt—looking for a good doohickey

the castle room

OK, so, anyway, we're staying in this rather swanky hotel with very few guests (off season reason) and were asked if we plan to eat in the restaurant that evening. We hadn't thought about it but simple thought telepathy had us agreeing that no, we didn't plan to eat there that night. We wanted to explore around and find our own restaurant. In our “castle” room, (the least pricey), when I tried to press the doohickey to flush, it came apart, so to speak. [;-P “aha”] I went immediately to report the "serious problem" to the front desk lady receptionist. She said she would send someone immediately; sooner as it turned out. The repair man was there before I got back fiddling with the doohickey a couple times and pronounced the toilet “fixed”. This paragraph has been amended, let's move on to the next one.

Main St., Hluboka
Hotel Podhrad
Third: Hunting for food—The hour was latish but we wanted to reconnoiter the area to see what was to be seen with more time the next day—a kind of sneak preview, as it were. Ha, gotcha! Gotcha? Whassis 'gotcha' crap? We walked around the real Zamek Castle, reconnoitering, and then headed down the hill to town hunting for a restaurant. It occurs to me, while walking downhill, that primitive man also had to go hunting for his food, just as we were doing in a strange town. Hluboka is a small town, off season, empty streets, closed up shops! Uh-oh, we start wondering if we'll find a place that's open. We notice the Hotel Podhrad restaurant at the bottom of the slope that looks like the only one open, so, hotel restaurants not usually being a good choice, we get a little confidence and decide to walk up the empty main street of town in search of a second and possibly third opinion restaurant. We don't have to go far to realize that – nada, and decide it's the hotel restaurant or starve—the same dilemma facing primitive man. 

We chose the restaurant over starvation and the food turned out to be excellent—as was the wine and the companionship.

After a very good hoof up the moderately steep hill, we go to our room and good road buddy uses the loo, but the doohicky to flushit comes apart again, embarrassingly enough if it were anybody other than me. Off to the front desk, again, to report the "more serious problem" with the toilet doohickey....

Next episode: Fourth: Hunting for a flushable toilet...

To be cont'd. 


Anonymous said...

not even a king sized bed in the castle….and no doo hickey…oh, oh…I think this is not going to end well. (I think, too, you have too much time on your hands)

Noilly Prattle said...

Honey, at my age no one has too much time!