Noilly Prattle: old teachers never die . . .

Friday, May 13, 2016

old teachers never die . . .

 ... they just enter second childhood!

     One of my favorite Agatha Christie characters is the Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot who is always rattling on about the "little gray cells". The implication, of course, being that as you age if you don't use them you lose them. The obverse being, quite naturally, that as you grow if you don't develop them they wither on the vine. How can you kill two birds with one stone? Why not facilitate the development of the little gray cells as a way of slowing down the loss of same? Makes sense to me!

       My new English class--expanding the little gray cells is a two-way street. 

little gray cells ready to grow





       LESSON TIME isn't particularly photograph-able--it isn't all fun and games, but put it all together and you can hear the little gray cells percolating.  


Anonymous said...

Kids look sweet! You look like you're enjoying yourself too! The Brain is amazing!! The class I just finished was Biology of the Brain. It was my favorite so far. So incredible how your brain changes from day to day through learning and experiences. Fascinating!


Noilly Prattle said...

One of my old friends said I look like one of the kids . . .