Noilly Prattle: it's not easy being green

Monday, May 16, 2016

it's not easy being green

    Thanks to global warming? 

      It isn't even summer yet and we're already living with a green invasion as the jungle seems to overtake the neighborhood. 

lush green of deciduous trees - used to be a lot of pine trees on the slopes and distant mountains

tree knocked down (green on green circle)
recently in a high wind had
to be chopped up with a chain saw 
      There used to be a lot of pine trees in the surrounding mountains but for the past 20 some odd years we have watched as the pine trees turned brown, withered and died year after year, a brown blight on the landscape, until now there are nothing but broad-leaf trees of endless varieties and new species of creeping vines and weeds in wild profusion. 
green bamboo does well in a semi-tropical climate

our house almost lost in the green jungle jumble
      A recent half hour walk yielded in intense profusion of green punctuated with here and there splashes of color. 

purple pre-leaf flowers seem to mimic the surrounding greenery

with a tinge of green - roses crawling along a wooden fence

lavender green
if I were a king
you'd be my queen

three pink roses on a green bed 

Wayang Puppet in the green rain

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