Noilly Prattle: The West fiddles while …

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The West fiddles while …

... the Eurasian Union grows

     And another “new world order” is being born right under the not clueless yet seemingly congested noses of NATO. I refer to the Ufa summit in Russia being attended by the part of the planet that is not embroiled in senseless and useless wars—the SCO, the BRICS and the evolving Eurasian Union.

      I referred to the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) in a July, 2012 blog with the somewhat quixotically titled post IPI, TAPI, NATO, SCO . . . in which I imagined the planet dividing and coalescing into two competing empires that I labeled NATO and SCO—the former embroiled in endless conflicts the latter doing business (or playing while the cat's preoccupied).

       So, while the European Union is in meetings to either put out or throw gasoline on the flames of the Greek drama (only time will tell), the Eurasians are busy making business deals, adding countries to their ranks, building a new silk road trading empire and generally going on about doing business.

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