Noilly Prattle: CLANK, CLANK, CLANK.....

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


     That's the sound of the (Greek) can getting kicked down the road....or sold down the river.

       I had been cautiously optimistic of a potentially workable way out of the economic crisis, now disaster, in Greece, through a carefully planned and coordinated exit from the Eurozone. Given the hand offered by the growing Eurasian alliance in the form of a pipeline deal, with an advance of some 5 billion Euros, and an offer to join the BRICS New Development Bank, Greece could have parted with the Euro and possibly revived its failing economy with a new start with the vibrant growth to the East.

the fickle finger of fate
       Unfortunately, the Syriza government made no attempt to prepare for a “Grexit” from the Eurozone and naively thought it could come to terms with the austerity demands of the “Troika”. The Tsipras government merely sought to put lipstick on a pig when it should have taken the bull by the horns (apologies for all cliches, but I'm too disgusted to be inventive).

       So, whether or not the Greek parliament approves the deal that Tsipras was forced to chew and swallow, the Greeks and European Union are back to Square One, in an unsustainable and unstable political and economic madhouse. Do you hear the sound of requiem bells for Europe?

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