Noilly Prattle: Venice on the half shell

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Venice on the half shell

     Tired of Piazza San Marco, or the Rialto Bridge or any of the other crowded tourist meccas in Venice?

       If you're here long enough (more than the average 2.6 days visitors spend in Venice) and get off the beaten path, a somewhat more off-beat Venice could open up to the alert eye.

Venus on the half shell
in Venetian glass
       Here is just a random sample of odds and ends or little vignettes that caught my and my camera's eye in the past week of roaming around by water and on foot. 

          However, not to denigrate the beauty and attraction of Venice's traditional haunts, I have plenty of photos of those, too--but so does everybody else . . .


restaurant workers smoke and schmooze  break

fixer upper for sale
very large glass sculpture in Murano

knick knacks on a wall in Venetian glass

glass Japanese tea house

grey cat on a brick wall

Baptismal fount

bridge arch

resting backpackers

scene from "The Birds"?

on the vaporetto

water police - workers preparing for
the Regatta on Sunday

wash day

a monorail (I think)

sculpture of WWII Italian Resistance fighter

floating watches in a store window display

a private yacht

a turtle and water lilly pads

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