Wednesday, September 10, 2014


stranded polar bears 
      It's passing strange how sometimes one thing leads to another—you read an article and then related articles or experiences seem to tumble in on you emphasizing and supporting each other.

         For example, a few days ago I was reading an article discussing increasing frequencies and height of flooding and beach erosion in Eastern Seaboard communities in the United States. The article stated that communities are fighting an increasingly expensive and losing battle against the growing severity of storms.

         Japan has been experiencing an unusual summer of very heavy and sustained rains causing flooding and landslides and many deaths. Arizona has just experienced heavy downpours and severe flooding and a couple deaths in Phoenix and Tucson areas.

flooded Piazza San Marco around 2:00 pm today
          Today, in Venice, Piazza San Marco is partly flooded for the third time in the past week due, apparently, to higher high tides caused by higher sea levels from ice melt. In the not too distant future perhaps the second floor will become the new first floor. You could always park your boat in the old living room. 

         Just yesterday I read an article titled “Oil is Back” wherein research into sustainable energy and more energy efficient motor vehicles are being abandoned in the United States because of an increase in local production through “fracking” for shale oil and releasing more federal lands and offshore areas for drilling, including previously protected environmentally sensitive areas. Reasonably cheaper gasoline being available, energy efficient vehicles are being abandoned to increasing sales for SUVs. Carbon emissions, as a consequence, are predicted to be 6% higher by 2040 with concomitant increases in global temperatures and severity of weather patterns not to mention environmental degradation.

        Yet, “ . . .such a situation -- knowing one thing and doing something else -- can only be described as some form of mass delusion or a collective version of schizophrenia. In one part of our collective brain, we are aware that petroleum use must decline sharply to prevent the sorts of global catastrophes that we are only used to seeing in science fiction movies; in another, we retain our affection for driving and gasoline use without giving much thought to the consequences.”


        Today I ran across this video designed to counter such thoughtlessness and short-sightedness. Well, I liked it for three reasons: the message, the videos of the Arctic and, Emma Thompson is one of my favorite actresses.


       Voila! My little meditation for today. 

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