Noilly Prattle: People

Monday, July 28, 2014


The historical sites, museums,
architectural wonders, 
gourmet and not-so-gourmet eateries, 
charming old cobblestone streets 
and quaint neighborhoods are all well and good. 

But one of the most enjoyable 
and educational things to do when traveling 
is people watching.

Here, in no particular order, 
is a modest sampling.

card players in Shanghai

7-year old rock star on Shanghai TV

aircraft cabin

"bird lady" of Tallinn -
feeds the seagulls and pigeons,
and smiles a lot

lovely young woman and flowers

middle aged tourists

"gotta get a shot of this..."

Hey there big fella!

it's show time folks

"Don't ask me,  I just work here."


"Get's a little hot in here
on a day like this."

"Hurry up, it's my turn."

no comment

"They went that-a-way."

concert goers 1

concert goers 2

the "Brindisi" from Verdi's La traviata

no comment
R U talking to me?

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