Noilly Prattle: Where to next?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where to next?

the blue house seen through the cherry blossoms

    I do know the answer—back home—at least for now.

       After an eventful winter culminating in breaking my leg (well documented in previous posts) we are in the transition period of detaching our emotions from Prague and reconnecting with those of where we live most of the year in Japan.

       Much of this post-surgical period has been taken up with physical rehabilitation while still keeping to our entertainment schedule and dealing with the bureaucratic intricacies of our travel insurance company.

       On the rehab front I am able to walk about the apartment with only one crutch and able to bear more weight on the injured leg with two crutches in the street. We attended our last opera, Bizet's Carmen, a couple evenings ago. The final arrangements and details of our insurance-paid return flight have us both in business class seats, Road Buddy as my non-professional caregiving assistant.

       So, we leave Prague on March 27 and arrive in Okayama the following day, business class seats all the way with a prepaid taxi waiting to take us to our home.

       Who could ask for anything more? Well, all of these luxuries would be even better without having to break a leg to get them. 

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