Noilly Prattle: More Prague on Crutches

Friday, March 8, 2013

More Prague on Crutches

     I know you're all craving (wink-wink) for news about the progress of my rehabilitation into the world of the no longer "pedally" challenged! [Pedally isn't really an adjective, I'm coining it. The Websters will be spinning in their graves, but maybe that's how language grows and changes.]

      Ya, right!!

      Though I may be a bit deluded in my previous assumption, I am so much into my own rehab experience and excited to see the progress that I just want to shout about it for all the world to hear...or at least the people who follow my adventures and mishaps on this blog.

      Accordingly, I've been going farther afield around Prague on my crutches under the watchful eye of road buddy. Speaking of road buddy, some have wondered why the odd appellation instead of using her name and photo. The reason is that she, unlike me, doesn't like her identity made public on the Internet—privacy issues in other words. Although she is a constant shadow figure in this blog, she remains road buddy both to me (in reality) and the blog readers (figuratively). Her choice, not mine!

      The weather has been sunny and enticing me onto the streets of Prague both for physical and psychological/emotional rehabilitation. So, with my new camera at the ready and road buddy escorting and watching over me (and taking pictures of my progress), off we would go.

      It's cloudy today; it's not so alluring and seductive to go outside. I'm confining my exercise to the flat and giving my body time to consolidate and intergrate the gains made the past few days of walking about the city.

      Here are a few more shots of Prague on Crutches.

Come walk with me...
...down cobblestone streets...

...towards Bethlehem Square...
... check out the hanging man...

...or hang out in Old Town Square...

...near the old Hussite Church...

...and have a "hot dog" at a stand up kiosk.

the "new" Prague, huge shopping mall and cells

succumbed to craving for junk good - Burger King

Franciscan Garden and Church
just a pretty picture of kids in the park on a sunny day in early pre-Spring
oops! dropped my ice cream cone

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