Noilly Prattle: Cold Turkey

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cold Turkey

The rainy season is just about over and the long hot steamy summer of the southern Japanese archipelago is lying heavily and energy draining(ly) on the body and spirit. Moving and sometimes even breathing seems to require a conscious decision. So it's time to depart for hopefully cooler climes or spend most of the time in an ice cube bath. Not being a fish, travel seems the better choice.

Accordingly, then, I'm entering detox and rehab tomorrow. Or, put another way, I'm taking a few weeks for summer travel sans computer, smart phone, iPad or other Internet access toys—unless some Good Samaritan lets me use theirs.

Noilly Prattle will be silent until I come back on line towards the end of August. 

Have an enjoyable summer.

Hope to see you then. 

à la prochaine, hasta luego, またあいましょおauf Wiedersehen, до свидания, ciao, 


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