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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Catalog of incompetence:

Amid Reports of Ineptitude,... July 14, 2012

  • fiasco
  • whistleblowers
  • chaos
  • disarray
  • falling asleep during training sessions
  • listening to music during training sessions
  • failure to spot hidden weapons
  • poorly educated and unprepared
  • apology – “deep regret” (training company spokesperson)
  • “we do not tolerate people not paying attention”
  • mismanagement
  • imbroglio
  • political fallout
  • dire conclusion
  • worst prognostications
  • failures in security planning
  • debacle
  • major weaknesses
  • catalog of disasters
  • haphazard planning
  • vulnerability to terrorist attacks
  • increase in police and military deployment
  • $80 million loss on contract
  • military plan to intercept potential attacks
  • ground to air missiles missiles ringing the Park
  • strike force
  • supersonic Typhoon fighters
  • snipers
  • 24-hour “readiness” status
  • Panglossian optimism ... “but this time we could (at least) afford to build the venues.”

Are we talking about the police/military training of less than enthusiastic recruits of some puppet regime? Training of airport security personnel? No. All these words and phrases are lifted from a New York Times article about security preparations for the London Olympics. To think the Greeks declared a moratorium on warfare during the period of the games. Seems like the simplest way to ensure “security” for them.


Anonymous said...

The time of The Greeks is long past, my friend.

There is no universal civility, you know that.

When people will blow themselves up, to make a point, and take the opportunity to make a political statement along with killing a particular countries athletes, the time of the Greeks is gone.

The UN was a wonderful idea but he has been castrated.

Ideals are a thing of the past. Test for performance enhancing drugs are a fact of life.

Reality sucks,sometimes.


Noilly Prattle said...

Yeah, I do know that. But, I doubt that it was ever any different. Only the toys get more deadly, the motivation to use them is pretty much the same--fear of the OTHER.

Sportsmanship is the thing lacking with the modern games. They are used to puff up national pride at whatever cost. But the irony of Olympic Park ringed with artillery batteries containing surface-to-air missiles just boggles the mind. If nothing else it makes a mockery of the spirit of the Games.

But, what the hell, bring on the steroids, and we can pretend that sportsmanship has entered a higher enhanced plane. If everybody is on steroids, then we have a level playing field once again. You DO see the irony in all this I trust?

Go team,