Noilly Prattle: There you go again....

Thursday, May 3, 2012

There you go again....

Kristol article in WaPo

Arch neo-con and editor of the extreme right wing rag The Weekly Standard, William Kristol, is huffing and puffing for endless war—again. Blithely ignoring the current messes that he and his other PNAC (you may remember the blueprint for world conquest that is the Project for a New
American Century) “chickenhawks“ and other bellicose warmongers are largely responsible for inspiring, from the comfort of their think tanks and letting other people do the dirty work, not to mention the dying in the process. As usual he drags out the bloody shirt of 9/11 as the ostensible excuse for expanded military global domination. After all, we have all this expensive military hardware that has to be used so that the military can have a job and the arms manufacturers and merchants can make huge profits. Their slogan: War is our most important product.

In an opinion piece in the Washington Post he chides President Obama for wanting to end some 10 years of war where it began in Afghanistan. Mr. Kristol is horrified—end a war? With apparent glee he warms to the prospect of expanded war all over the damn place: Afghanistan Schmafghanistan; that was only the beginning and it ain't over yet. He sets up the straw man of destroying AQ and denying the use of Afghanistan as a “base for future attacks”. What future attacks remain unspecified, of course. If you're arguing for perpetual war, there can be no defined goal of anything resembling a victory. Why, by his reckoning the whole world could be a base for “future attacks”. Could we call this paranoia?

For starters Mr. K suggests moving on to: Pakistan, Tunisia, Iran, Yemen, Somalia because we “are at war with political Islam” whatever the hell that means. Finally, Mr. K comes out with it: what we need is another Cold War. And his substitute “ism” to replace Communism is—are you ready for this folks?--Islamist Terrorism.

Maybe this is madness masquerading as pious intellectual jingoism.


Anonymous said...

Why are you reading that drivel? Keeping an eye on the crazy 'enemy'?

Noilly Prattle said...

There is a French expression that explains why I pay attention to that "drivel". I used to hear it from my dear old French-Canadian Dad. He would say about a certain type of person: "Il pète plus haut que son cul." There is no direct translation but, in essence, it means he's full of shit. Literally it says: "he farts higher than his asshole." It sounds cuter in French though.