Noilly Prattle: Persian Odyssey: Part XIII - Persepolis...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Persian Odyssey: Part XIII - Persepolis...

Map - Shiraz to Esfahan, Iran

the climax and crowning glory of my journey through ancient Persia and modern Iran.

Shiraz - tomb of Hafez
Wikipedia image
Although I had one or two students from Shiraz in my class I had made no arrangement to visit them in the course of my journey. Time was running short as well and I was due back in Esfahan to start the next leg of my contract. I was scheduled to be an in-flight tutor with the students who had graduated from the classroom part of their training program. More on that later. At any rate, I more or less bypassed Shiraz, which is known in Iran as the “city of poets”, two of whom, Hafiz 14th Century and Saadi 12th and 13th Centuries, have monuments (tombs) there.

panoramic view of Persepolis looking west - Wikipedia image
first impression - double stair to the site
Gate of Nations
Persepolis turned out to be largely for my eyes only. There was hardly anybody there on the sunny morning I pulled up to the massive double staircase that leads up to the archeological site. I spent the entire day wandering around the site including the nearby sites of Naqsh e Rostam [tomb of Darius and other Achaemenid kings}and Pasargad [palace and tomb of Cyrus the Great], taking photographs until the breathtaking sunset at Persepolis ended a memorable day. I will simply post pictures, some of them my own, some taken from the web to fill in the gaps in what I either lost or failed to record at the time, and let Persepolis speak for itself across a span of some 2500 years. 

Tachar Palace, Wikipedia image
Persian Soldiers, Wikipedia image
lion biting bull, Wikipedia image

Nagsh e Rostam - tomb of Darius the Great

plan of the archeological site
Wikipedia image

Apadana audience hall - Persepolis

Darius and attendants


Soldiers, Wikipedia image

sunset - Tacher palace 

Apadana Palace, Persepolis - sunset

To be continued....

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