Noilly Prattle: Routines—can't live with 'em...or without 'em

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Routines—can't live with 'em...or without 'em

Things are settling down after nearly a month living in Prague. Two more to go before returning to Japan and full retirement from the 9 to 5 workaday world. This three-month stay serves as a kind of transition phase between the routine of getting up early enough to shower and have breakfast before leaving home at 8:15 a.m. for work and the non-routine (new routine?) of getting up whenever: leisurely coffee in bed, exercise, bath, brunch around 11-ish, out for afternoon walking exercise, dinner in or out and entertainment in the evening—or not as the case might be.

local opera goers fill the auditorium
Good to exceptionally good shows seem to be becoming the norm. The most recent events we've attended have all been above reproach and beyond criticism. Last night we went to see the ballet Swan Lake. It's truly a memorable experience to have nothing negative to say, especially for a demanding perfectionist like me. I am very much impressed with the professionalism and artistry of the performers here in Prague. If the theaters here are not “world-class” it may very well be because they are more concerned with high quality performances for people who truly enjoy them—and not, God help us, for fans of “stars”. True theater, the real deal.

I'm allowed to occasionally dig into my bag of gripes (I have a low opinion of fans). A blog of only sweetness and light would be ultimately boring (just as this blog may be). I know, I'm incorrigible. Just write whatever pops into my head. (But you should see what I delete.) Swan Lake was just simply beautiful to watch and listen to. The grace and precision and apparent weightlessness of the dancers and the simple beauty of bodies trained to the peak of perfection; “in form and moving how express and admirable,” said old Will S. in one of his plays—Hamlet, I think it was. Well, he must have had dancers in mind.

poor choice of seats this time
Come to think of it I DO have one small criticism of the ballet. I got a stiff neck leaning out over the balcony in order to see the whole stage. Our seats were too much to the side and half the stage was obscured. But that has nothing to do with the wonderful dancers and orchestra; it has everything to do with my poor choice of seats this time. I have only my own arse to kick.

3 curtain calls
The audience was obviously delighted with the performance as we applauded and whistled and bravoed enthusiastically, yours truly included, for nearly 5 minutes and 3 curtain calls. 


Ronnie said...

Swan Lake…oh how delightful. Did you know that I fancied myself a ballerina well into college. Ahhh…those wonderful days. And yes, your seats seem less than ideal. Live and learn. You are living the life of the wealthy, vacationing for months to enjoy 'the season' of music and dance. Deee light ful! We will all live vicariously through you.

Noilly Prattle said...

Really? No, I didn't know that. Why did you give it up? Maybe the life of, but not the reality of "the wealthy". All of this is within the budget of moderately comfortable people. It's really about a bent of personality. I've had itchy feet all my life, always wanting to see over the next mountain. Current circumstances are just a continuation of same. I once told a friend of mine, that I'd rather drop dead in the street of some strange new place than rot away if front of the boob toob or, god forbid, a nursing home.