Noilly Prattle: Persian Odyssey Postponed

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Persian Odyssey Postponed

For those of my readers who may have been following my Iran remembrance and reconstruction of 1978 I apologize for my lack of attention to it, but perhaps I can be forgiven since I'm on a kind of new odyssey of discovery and the pure pleasure of being in a place that suits me to a T. Just when I think that there couldn't possibly be any more to learn about Prague, I turn a new corner and there, right before my eyes, is something I hadn't seen or noticed before. To put it plainly I'm rather preoccupied with being here and now; no time to dredge up the past. Persia is history and will still be there when I have the time to dig back into my memory. Iran, however, is another matter.

Caution: political rant to follow

I will mention that I am quite concerned with all the sabre rattling and beating of drums for a war with Iran. Unfortunately, the impetus for the latest round of Iran bashing is coming from Israel, which appears to be champing at the bit to try and drag the United States into sharing an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities and inviting a serious blow up in the Middle East. All this on the unfounded hype that Iran is planning to build a nuclear weapon. If there were any evidence for it, it wouldn't be beyond comprehension considering the sanctions, scorn and hatred being heaped on the country and its leadership. Furthermore, the worst kept secret in the ME is that Iran's principal antagonist, Israel, is armed to the teeth with undeclared nuclear warheads and is not a signatory to the Non-proliferation Treaty, whereas Iran is.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Common sense would indicate that Iran would take no advantage from even a first strike on Israel with a few paltry bombs. It would, and knows it, invite immediate massive retaliation not only from Israel but from the United States as well. If nothing else, my limited experience living in Iran, tells me that the Iranians are not suicidal. If they want to live under Islam that's their business. And even Islamists are happy to do business as usual selling their oil.  I need only mention Wahhabist Saudi Arabia, which is much more strict and fanatical than Iran would ever dream of being. I know, I once lived there, too. Worst experience of my life.

Instead of all the bullshit hysteria and paranoia polluting the media waves these days why not just get down to business instead of trying to regain the promised land. It's 2012 and there has been a lot of water under the bridge since then. Even Moses didn't get there, but Bebe and his crew seem to be trying it again.

My apologies in advance to friends of the Jewish faith who might take offense at this post.

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