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Friday, December 9, 2011

You're Santa Claus

I guess you've sort of arrived when you can play Santa Claus without a costume. I had the unexpected thrill of discovering this dubious “honor” the other day. I am retiring from my current employment situation. I was doing a publicity gig for my next incarnation as a private part-time teacher at my friend's English language day school here in our town. It was a photo-op for next year's public relations brochure to introduce me as doing sort of “celebrity” appearances teaching Art, story telling and tutoring Japanese returnees (kids who have lived abroad and attended school there in English). To kick off the lesson in cartoon drawing I asked if any of the kids in attendance knew me. One of the little girls who is a 1st Grader at the school where I have taught Art for 19 years raised her hand and said: “You're Mr. B.” She was right. Although I don't teach the 1st Grade all the students know me as Mr. B. Another, older boy, who doesn't attend my school, said: “You're Santa Claus.” I said: “Well, thanks a lot.” And muttered to myself: “Well, you ARE pushing 70 after all.”

Well, OK, enough BS. This is all by way of saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all and to all a Good Morning. It's 10 a.m. here.

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