Noilly Prattle: Twixt Christmas and New Years

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Twixt Christmas and New Years

Twas the night, not before, but of Christmas. And all through the house not a sign of Santa could be seen. I at the computer and the SO in the bath, it's hard to believe it's the 25 of December. But not to despair, I've been here before. You see, this is Japan, a Buddhist and Shinto land, where New Years is the big thing and a special cake on the eve of today is what Christmas is all about. Like in the West where December 25 is a time when families get together, January 1, called OSHOGATSU in Japanese, is when Japanese families flung far and wide come home. So, our small family will be together on January 1.

Since a Christmas tree isn't appropriate I decided the combine the spirits of two worlds. A kind of East meets West of the flower world. I tried loosely combining the Japanese art of Ikebana with the decorations of a Christmas tree with the following result. This will be our holiday tree.

So, anonymous, are you hooked on my little cliff hangers? :-D

It gets better. 


Ronnie said...

Yes, I am…and I just LOVE your East Meets West result. It is BEAUTIFUL!

Love to all, Ronnie

Ronnie said...

oh, look…I am not anonymous anymore!