Noilly Prattle: Political Deadlock

Friday, November 11, 2011

Political Deadlock

I don't normally intend to use this blog for political comment since I tend to be an apolitical non-partisan observer of world events. I am not politically neutral, however. The current political and economic state of the nation (USA) has led the federal government beyond gridlock into a deadly kind of Hatfield-McCoy hatred/vendetta. Rome burns, but the band plays on. There are obviously no simple solutions to the mess America (and Europe) are in. Although no politician will use the dreaded “D” word, we are clearly in a political/economic global neo-depression. It will take years for this monster to shake out all the rot and debt that has accumulated in both domestic and public piggy banks (or, more likely, bare cupboards). The spectacle of clueless scrambling to offer band aids for gaping wounds and sanctimonious finger pointing of partisan blame across the aisle and up and down the social ladder is truly appalling. The Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times!, seems more than appropriate. This is beyond interesting, though, it's morbidly fascinating.

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