Noilly Prattle: Who the hell dunnit, anyway?

Friday, January 13, 2017

Who the hell dunnit, anyway?

The view from the Dark Side.

           More bananas for the Republic

No sooner had revelations from leaks indicated that the DNC had undermined the Sanders campaign in the primaries than a drumbeat of media blitz implicating Russia in the  hacking of the DNC computers was started in what looked like a deliberate disinformation campaign to divert attention from the actual malfeasance described in the leaked emails.

As everyone knows by now, Clinton, in one of the most astounding reversals in American politics, was defeated by Donald Trump. The liberal progressives of identity politics were unable to accept defeat in what they thought was a kind of “divine right” to rule, and seemed to seek to blame anyone and anything but themselves, their poor campaign, uninspiring candidate, a lack of believable domestic policies and a belligerent attitude toward foreign policy for that defeat. And so, Russia and Vladimir Putin became the boogeyman who stiffed the Clinton campaign and caused her defeat.

The FBI’s James Comey was also targeted by the Clintonians as another cause of her defeat by the timing of his letter taking another look into her use of a private server for emails while Secretary of State. Now the US Justice Department is going to undertake a probe into the FBI’s decision about the politically incorrect timing of Mr. Comey’s letter to Congress. I wonder if there is still some hope among the Clintonians that someway, somehow, Trump is going to get kicked out of the White House that Hillary apparently feels entitled to, is owed and has a right to?

The Justice Department seems not to be in the strongest position to be making investigations into political campaign manipulations. Does anyone remember a certain meeting on an airplane on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport when Hillary was under pressure from the FBI for her private emails during the campaign when Bill Clinton and the Attorney General met for half an hour to discuss their grandchildren and, oh, by the way, decided not pursue the issue?

Well, to give the Donald equal time in the halls of smoke and mirrors, according to his recent press conference and all the great deals he’s going to make with all those terrific people, I fully expect him to do wonders and shit sea cucumbers.


Ronnie said...

Are you really this insensitive to the very real and dangerous man who is about to be president?

Noilly Prattle said...

I prefer not to get emotional about it. There are far too many "sensitive" people having emotional tantrums and meltdowns and contributing nothing constructive to rectifying the situation. A highly intelligent (woman) friend of mine had this to say: "I am tired of the continued upsets and complaints from the ones who lost. At least be dignified and then work furiously to replace in 4 yrs. if still unhappy."
All the anti-Trump posts I see just make a lot of noise and play into his popular persona. It didn't work for Hillary and it won't work for you. My friend is right, if you can't do anything constructive, get out of the way and get thee to a nunnery (or something). If you believe in the electoral system, start organizing for the 2020 elections. All the badmouthing and hand wringing are just a waste of time and are beginning to get boring. First rule of the theater: Don't bore the audience!