Noilly Prattle: A Sunflower for Xmas

Monday, December 26, 2016

A Sunflower for Xmas

      If global warming deniers need proof that the climate is warming, how about sunflowers in December?

Park and Playground near Okayama Airport

cultivated pine and red camellias
       Christmas day here in Japan was a bright sunny day with comfortable temperatures in the high teens Centigrade. We decided to go walking at a park near the airport in the morning to work up an appetite for a special 7-course Christmas dinner at our favorite French restaurant. 

playing carpet golf

sunflower and rape blossoms

       There were several cars in the parking lot when we arrived at the park. There were many families with children enjoying the weather and the Sunday holiday. As we were walking towards the airport runway we noticed something unusual for this time of year. From a distance it didn’t seem possible. But as we got closer the “something unusual” turned out to be a sunflower—something that one wouldn’t have seen in December in the past. 

pampas grass
        It isn't only sunflowers that are blooming out of season. One can also see rape and narcissus blossoms as well. It made me reflect that over the past 20 years the native pine trees that used to dot the surrounding mountains had been turning brown and dying year after year until, now, there are hardly any left.

airport runway -- Okayama City in the far background

take off 

        But, now we have sunflowers for Xmas.

        Who needs poinsettias?

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Anonymous said...

The evidence for global warming and climate change is undeniable, yet some still deny it.