Noilly Prattle: Empty Spaces

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Empty Spaces

Article: Why do we love empty images?

     The following images are without the distracting influence of people within the frame. They are, essentially, images of empty spaces with the shadows or ghosts of humans who may have had an impact on them. 

Excerpts from the linked article:

      "In a sense, once people are in a shot, we can’t really ‘see’ the place for what it is," says architect Ann Sussman . "Our brain, because of its evolution, will not let us do this."

       Sussman and the writer Janice M. Ward set up a pilot study at Boston's Institute for Human-Centered Design that aimed to better understand how people mentally process the world around them. They found that perception is innately "humancentric": When tracking the eye movements of subjects looking at one image of Boston City Hall and its surrounding plaza, they found that people spent more than half of the time allotted to look at the image examining the other tiny, speck-sized human beings rather than the architecture.

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