Noilly Prattle: China – Winter 2016 (Naxi Classical Music Concert, Li Jiang)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

China – Winter 2016 (Naxi Classical Music Concert, Li Jiang)


Li Jiang Source Park and Jade Dragon Mountain

Li Jiang Ancient Town
Li Jiang by night

Li Jiang - the concert hall


Naxi Classical Music Orchestra
     We made an arrangement for Nongbu (our Jade Dragon Mountian and Tiger Leaping Gorge tour guide) to pick us up at the hotel at 7 o'clock to take us to Li Jiang for a Naxi Classical Music Concert. The group of musicians, several of whom are in their 80s, play classical Chinese instruments and songs from as old as the 8th Century. Music being music, you have to hear rather than write or talk about it. I made of recording of a Naxi song written and sung by Nongbu in the car on the way to Li Jiang. It was a rather good introduction and mood setter for the Traditional Naxi Music Concert. I recorded a few of the pieces and took some photos, but mostly just enjoyed listening to the unusual (for us) music. The old gentleman singing in the linked video was especially comical. All in all, it was quite a fascinating and enjoyable evening. 


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