Noilly Prattle: MONKEY-SHINE

Monday, February 1, 2016


     In the Chinese Zodiac, 2016 is the Year of the Monkey.

       It is also the 16th year of the Age of Aquarius in the Western Zodiac, an age it was hoped would be filled with harmony, peace and understanding in the final days of the Piscean Age in the late 20th Century. Unfortunately, the Aquarian Age has so far been filled discord, war and incivility instead. Oh well . . . only 1,984 more years until the Age of Capricorn.

our good luck Monkey charm
       If the Year of the Monkey corresponds to the personality traits of those born monkeys, we might be able to look forward to a lot of distraction, entertainment, mischievousness and playing, for the next year anyway. The beauty of the Chinese Zodiac is that if you don't like this year, you only have one year to wait for a better deal—instead of 2000 years in the Western one. Accordingly, we started off the Year of the Monkey with 初も出 (Hatsumode) [first shrine visit of the year] to pick up our good luck Monkey charm and take a stroll (camera ever ready) around the always lovely precincts of the Kibitsu Shrine near our home. 
Kibitsu Shrine main building

ink drawing rendition of double roofed main shrine

graceful roof suggests a bird in flight
pencil sketch of shrine precinct
moss covered stone wall

shrine precinct
praying for a good year

greeting an ancestor

covered walkway from rear entrance

plum blossoms

moss covered stone lantern

this dilapidated and collapsing house is just outside one of the shrine gates - a glaring contrast

this poster on the above house
 is not really a female person

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