Noilly Prattle: in a Chinese Garden

Friday, November 13, 2015

in a Chinese Garden

     There is a replica of a Chinese Garden that was just a short walk from 養生館 [Yojokan]
our ryokan of the previous Enchanted Evening. The site for the garden, 燕趙園 [Enchoen], was chosen for its location, an ideal setting between a lake and three mountain peaks--this arrangement was aesthetically pleasing to ancient Chinese sensibilities.

Yojokan 養生館 (background)
燕趙園 from the ryokan garden
            Our ryokan was situated on the same Lake Togo as the Chinese Garden and was, in fact, visible from the ryokan garden and one of the open-air baths. Viewed from the ryokan we were looking forward to visiting the garden the following day. After checking out we drove (didn't actually walk) the short distance stopping by the garden and, later on, a mountain temple famous for its cliffside building that is notoriously difficult to climb up to and is, consequently used for training monks and intrepid climbers. Although the climber is rewarded with a breathtaking view and photo op, thanks to me bum leg I had to forego the agony and the ecstasy. 

      But, first, 燕趙園, the Chinese Garden . . . an absolute banquet of primary colors in a completely cloudless blue sky setting off the orange of the roof tiles and reflected in the water of the pond and lake. 

one of the three mountain peaks

detail of roof decoration

typical zig zag bridge
 (saw similar one in the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai
dried lotus leaves in man-made pond

covered walkway
moon bridge

 lattice work along the perimeter walls

rest pavilion with circular openings for viewing the garden

partial view from the pavilion
view of lake and undulating wall
from the head of the "DragonPavilion"

the "Dragon Pavilion",  the pavilion is the head and the walkway the tail of the dragon

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