Noilly Prattle: Plum Crazy

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Plum Crazy

             I looked out my window this morning and saw my next door neighbor working on the plum tree across the street. I guess you could say it’s her plum tree since it is directly across the street from her house. The tree is actually on what appears to be public land although we all use the narrow strip for small gardens. We plant a few herbs and another neighbor has a vegetable garden and the lady who was cutting branches in the plum tree also plants flowers and vegetables there as well. As a matter of fact, I have been surreptitiously cutting branches for flower arrangements from the same tree.

lady next door pruning the plum tree
            I got out my camera and took a couple of candid shots of the lady cutting the branches because, along with balmier weather lately, working on the tree looked so spring like. Later on in the day we left the house for a long walk and I noticed that the lady had cut several beautiful branches full of plum blossoms and just threw them away. So I showed the sacrilege to my wife and we decided to rescue the branches and use them for a large arrangement in our genkan (foyer) after returning from our walk.

            Here are a few photos of the result.

viewed slightly  from the right

viewed from the front 

viewed  from the entrance on the left

detail with basket ornamentation

detail of main branch

leftovers - no blossom wasted

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