Noilly Prattle: Leaving London

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Leaving London

a very wet Green Park
     London is justifiably famous for its fickle and unpredictable weather. Man, when it rains it pours here, and even if you don't get caught without an umbrella your shoes and cuffs, at least, will get soaked. London gave us a parting shot on our way to the exit door--London City Airport. Just as I left a few impressions on coming in from Heathrow, here are a couple impressions on leaving London. 

in front of Buckingham Palace
      Still working on tuning and editing the in-between stuff and will try to post a few pictures once settled in our Amsterdam apartment, where we plan to have a more leisurely pace without so many "famous" places to see.

riding a double decker
just for the hell of it
Trafalgar Square -- where the
double decker happened to be going

train to London City Airport - London Fog 1

London Fog 2

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