Noilly Prattle: Call Me Mr. B. – Thirteen

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Call Me Mr. B. – Thirteen

Grade 4

Jigsaw Puzzle

       The objective of this lesson is to create a 12-piece jigsaw puzzle on a medium heavy weight sheet of white drawing paper that can be cut into pieces that will hold their shape well enough to be reassembled into a completed picture puzzle by other people. This was a project for two classes—about three to four hours.

3 vertical, 2 horizontal wavy lines = 12 pieces
        I first instructed the kids to divide their papers into 12 irregular shapes. Using the whiteboard I drew a large rectangle to represent their papers and demonstrated how to estimate and divide the paper into thirds horizontally and quarters vertically by drawing small ticks along the top and left sides of the paper. Then they simply had to draw three vertical and two horizontal wavy lines creating 12 pieces (count 'em) of different jig saw puzzle type shapes that could be fitted together to recreate the picture. When to lines were done they were traced with a black felt tip marker.

       The children were required to make 12 different pictures based on 12 words that I had written on the whiteboard: circle, square, rectangle, heart, star, your name, a word, a number, a flying thing, an insect, a plant, an animal. I encouraged them to use their imagination, especially with the abstract shapes, and try to go beyond drawing, say, a simple circle, but adapt the circle to a real object that is round in nature: a ball, an orange, the sun, etc. I also told them to take the shape and size of each piece into consideration when designing the individual pictures so that the overall drawing would be compositionally interesting without too much “lonely” white space. When the drawings were finished I would look at them and OK or suggest improvements as necessary. Once OKd the drawings were once again outlined with a black marker.
         In the second class the kids used color magic markers to color and design their pictures and then cut them into 12 pieces along the wavy lines. For the rest of the class period they exchanged puzzles and tried to make each others' picture puzzles. It kept them pretty well absorbed for 10 or 15 minutes.
Jigsaw Puzzle

To be continued...

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