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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Size matters

 Check out the video; you'll split a gut laughing

In the latest dust-up in the neverending farce of the Senkaku, Diaoyu Tiaoyutai melodrama the children in the sandbox (or pool, maybe) still haven't learned their basic kindergarten to play nicely, share your toys and don't kick sand in the other kids' faces.

Today, Taiwan got into the act and sent some 40 "fishing boats" and government patrol boats to add their ante to the already simmering poker pot. This seems to be a game about who is going to blink first. Crossing some invisible red line in the water that supposedly marks "Japan's territorial waters" and taunting the Japanese patrol on the "other side" of the red line, the ensuing skirmish looks something like a water pistol fight in the playground pool. 

These buffoons were shooting water cannons at each other in a parody of Hollywood style sea battles, where the only real danger is getting wet and maybe catching pneumonia. 

I have a modest proposal. They should line up the sailors on the deck, bare ass, facing each other. Then the two ships can make a close pass going in opposite directions and the sailors could have a big pissing contest. Naturally, the guy with the biggest and strongest wang would have the advantage in pissing on the other guys. Or, alternatively, they could circle each other and have a big circle jerk.


Anonymous said...

LOL…at least they are only 'shooting' water at one another…unbelievable.

It does seem like it is a good amusing story, for you all, and takes your mind off of the 'other' things.


Noilly Prattle said...

"other" things?

Anonymous said...

Crazy stuff! Though the pissing contest sounds like great fun I am intrigued by your "circle jerk" proposal and curious as to how the winner would be determined. Just a thought :) - Michelle

Noilly Prattle said...

First one to get his rocks off gets the ROCKS...get it? ;-)