Noilly Prattle: How to save the equivalent of $1,194...D.I.Y.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to save the equivalent of $1,194...D.I.Y.

Living nowadays mostly on a fixed income, we have joined the ranks of the nouveau pauvre (newly poor) since I have more or less retired—at least from the full-time nine to five rat race. Although not on the verge of tumbling onto the street in this 21st Century Depression (bank savings no longer generating interest income that is not to be laughed at and equities on a wild Wall Street casino roller coaster ride), unnecessary expenses seem prudent to avoid. Lack of prudence being what has gotten us into this global economic meltdown. But, to the issue at hand.

Our metal outdoor spiral fire escape was showing signs of rusting here and there and we decided that it should be repainted before it could rust through and collapse. Accordingly, I repainted it myself and saved around $1,194 on a quote to have it done by our house builder for $1,257 at current yen/dollar exchange rates. It cost around $64 for the materials to do the job (wire brush, paint, thinner and brushes). Even if I had charged a reasonable amount for “sweat equity” (as a friend of mine calls what his labor is worth), it wouldn't have come anywhere near the original quote.

And, then too, who can do a job better than you yourself can anyway?


Anonymous said...

Nice job!! (could use you here, if you ever have the time and inclination!! Great color, as well.

Incidentally, these old eyes approve of the larger type face that you used.
Rnstruces 6

Noilly Prattle said...


BTW you can adjust the size of the type face on your computer. I believe you have a Mac, right? If you press and hold the Command key while pressing the + key it will enlarge the page. (You may have to hold the shift key as well depending on your keyboard--I have to do that on my MacBook Pro) [Command + or Command Shift +].To do the opposite, press Command and the hyphen key. [Command -].

Try it, you'll like it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with the Mac, Joe, but it is when I read your messages on that little itty bitty netbook, that there is a bit of a problem!!

Noilly Prattle said...

Ah! Better use the Mac in that case.