Noilly Prattle: Gum

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I seem to be having dustups with women lately.

No, not with the SO—other non-significant women (except at the time of the dustups)

the Brunhilde who caught me with my pants down and caused
camera shake is the woman coming through the doorway
The first encounter of the worst kind occurred at Neuschwanstein Castle. You must take a guided tour through the inside of the castle and, of course, since they herd you through a couple of gift shops, taking photos is not allowed. They want you to buy their stuff. However, bad boy that I am, I was sneaking a few shots when I thought the tour guide wasn't looking. I forgot about the tour on our heels which had a big bad Brunhilde type for a guide. I was in the middle of sneaking a shot with the camera, unbeknownst to me, pointed right at her when she let out a screech worthy of a true Valkyrie—in German. Of course I knew what was freaking her out, but I don't like being yelled at, especially in public, so I returned her dirty look, smirked and walked on—a symbolic extended middle finger. I kept an eye out for her, and tried to sneak a couple more pictures, when our own tour guide caught me, but she didn't yell, just pointed it out to me. I could appreciate that and stopped with the photos. As we were leaving, I caught my first antagonist watching me like a hawk as our tour ended. I smiled at her, but didn't wave.

The next drama occurred at the Munich Bayerische Staatsoper with the female person to my left. When the SO and I entered and found our seats this lady was standing half over my seat chatting with an apparent acquaintance in the row behind. I politely waited a few moments to she if she would realize that she was blocking my seat, but, no, she obliviously (or maybe she just didn't give a damn) kept on blocking and chatting. So, finally I caught her eye and pointed to the seat, which she slowly and reluctantly released. While waiting for the show to start, chatting with the SO and gesturing with my hands and arms, out of the corner of my eye I noticed the neighbor acting annoyed and impatient while following my gestures. During the performance I was chewing gum, I guess a little too loudly, when suddenly the lady turns to me during the performance and loudly and angrily whispers “gum”. OK, fair enough. I stopped chewing and stuck the gum under my tongue until the intermission, when I threw it away and suggested changing seats with the SO. I told her about the animosity that had built up with the woman as a result of the blocking the seat business. I didn't mind so much about being scolded for the gum, but I thought it was pretty rich coming from a person who had been rather rude about letting me have my seat before she was finished with her chat. People who give offense are the same ones who bridle when they feel offended—and that applies to me, too. I thought it best to put some space between the unhappy lady and me. But I'm still a gum chewer.

More about the dramas that are properly on the stage a little later. 


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